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The IEEE Electrification magazine featured invited articles on hydrogen-electric aircraft technologies in the June 2022 issue. “Electric Propulsors for Zero-Emission Aircraft: Partially Superconducting Machines” by Samith Sirimanna, Thanatheepan (Theepan) Balachandran, Noah Salk, Jianqiao Xiao, Dongsu Lee, and Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran was highlighted on the front cover. All the authors are employed in Professor Haran’s company Hinetics, Powering the Future of Aviation, Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing in Champaign, IL. Samith Sirimanna, Theepan Balachandran and Jianqiao (Peter) Xiao are currently students of Professor Haran; Dongsu Lee is his former post-doc; and Noah Salk, a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earned his BSEE at the University of Illinois and was a Research Assistant in Professor Haran’s Group from May 2019 through June 2020.
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