EPE_KreinCvrSML The second edition of Elements of Power Electronics, by Professor Philip T. Krein, is designed to be used for undergraduate and graduate courses and presents power electronics in its many facets. The objective is to lay a foundational base from which engineers can examine the field and practice its unusual and challenging design problems. It provides a framework that leads to families of conversion types and shows how various circuits branch out from this foundation. This edition includes supporting material about real devices and components, addressing issues that include magnetics design and applications of passive components. These issues are fundamental for practicing designers.

A new objective is to provide fundamental text material on renewable and alternative energy. Many power electronics engineers entered the field because it gives them tools to make profound changes to energy systems, energy infrastructure, and global standards of living. Expanded design examples, with application discussion and emphasis on emerging energy advances, have been added to almost every chapter. Alternative energy, solid-state lighting, and electric transportation are just three typical application domains expanded here in examples and problem sets.