Reed Sanchez with adviser K. Haran
Our group is facilitating the design of two high power density machines; one uses a super conductor and the other is a high-speed high-pole-count machine. For the super conducting machine, we built a super conducting coil to be bench-tested. Thermal performance  and the forces acting upon it were quantified. A model is shown in Figure 8.

sanchez fig 8 coil test

Figure 8: Model of coil being bench-tested

A rotor test is being designed for the high-speed machine. We are looking at structural stability, windage losses, and rotor dynamics, as well as choosing bearings and designing a bearing system, as shown in Figure 9.

sanchez fig 9 rotor schematic

Figure 9: Schematic of rotor with bearing (blue) and a spring (green)

We have worked with the ECE machinists to find materials and create a manufacturing plan for the rotor. This work is supported by The Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics and NASA.