Elaine is a Computer Science major who had a class in the Grainger Auditorium and stopped to interact with the energy kiosks and the large display screen depicting an ECEB energy efficiency. She chose to conserve heat and ac and turn off the lights and unplug appliances when not in use. Elaine walks or takes the bus to save energy for transportation to classes. She thought perhaps in the future we could run a contest for conserving energy.

The UIUC Student Sustainability Committee funded an energy display in the ECEB lobby to accomplish three goals. The first uses kiosks to teach students, faculty and campus visitors about energy use while presenting relatable and significant ways they can reduce energy-consumption patterns. The second is to show on a large screen energy being produced by the ECEB solar array, energy being used by ECEB, and ECEB’s allotment from Solar Farm 2 to reach zero net energy. The third is to demonstrate ECEB’s energy efficiencies and document its progress toward certification as the first zero-net energy building on campus.
To achieve the first goal, two touch-activated kiosks were installed and programmed identically for Engineering Open House 2021 https://ecebenergykiosk.web.illinois.edu/ by a Computer Science RSO headed by undergraduates Mitchell Bifeld and Smit Purohit. Kiosk visitors choose from several options and pledge to save energy. Their names are entered into random drawings twice a year: Energy Efficiency Day in October, and Earth Day in April. The first solar phone charger was awarded to Elaine Minghui Wang. Joyce Mast is handing her the charger.

Energy-saving choices. Other screens list UIUC classes on sustainability and ways to help save energy on campus, including Friday Night Lights Out.