During the CISTEME365 Institute from July 22–August 3, 2019, Assistant Professors Subhonmesh Bose and Arijit Banerjee gave a session on power and energy to 13 educators participating in the institute. Part of the three-year NSF grant, Catalyzing Inclusive STEM Experiences All Year Round CISTEME365, their integrated

Bose presenting a demo to teachers

Subhonmesh Bose presents demo

Anita Alicea participating in demo

Anita Alicea, a STEM integration specialist at Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy, Chicago

presentation walked through a history of power systems, the physics behind electromechanical energy conversion,

and shared research frontiers in power and energy. They included fun and exciting demos and a dialogue between the K–12 and higher education teachers on STEM pedagogy beneficial for all ages.
Bose discussed principles about the electric power grid, addressing algorithm and market-design questions that arise in integration of variable renewable and distributed energy resources in the grid. To achieve his goals, Bose utilizes optimization, control theory, microeconomics, and game theory tools. His current projects include optimization of dispatch with variable wind, designing meaningful prices for wholesale electricity markets under uncertainty, market design for multi-area power systems, and electrification of transportation.

Arigit Banergee presents demo during CISTEME365 session on Power adn Energy

Arijit Banerjee explains demo

Banerjee΄s research involves advancing energy conversion by functionally integrating power electronics, electromechanics, and control, especially via creating new energy-conversion architectures. Real-world applications include: renewable energy systems, robotics, system-level monitoring and diagnostics, and, like Bose, electric transportation systems. He plans to develop low-cost alternatives to his demos for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

Excerpted from “I-STEM Education Initiative” article by Elizabeth Innes