Over the last year, the Illini Solar Car team has worked hard designing and manufacturing a second-generation vehicle. They improved its operations and competitiveness resulting in a fourth-place finish at the 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix. This race marked a successful finish for the team’s first car, Argo, as it placed right behind three newer cars with better technology. Moving forward, this suggests continued success and improvement as the team works to complete its second vehicle to compete in the 2020 American Solar Challenge. The next generation vehicle has been designed to be more efficient in many ways with a significantly improved solar array and many other technological improvements, including a more reliable battery, new driver interfaces and a more efficient motor and power system. In total, the Illini Solar Car team has continuously improved through its first five years and is set to perform even better in the future. (See Curriculum and Laboratory Development on page 25 for more information on the solar car class.)