The Ronald W. Pratt Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes Banerjee’s sustained excellence in undergraduate teaching and his guidance of undergraduate students. Faculty are nominated for the award by current and former students. The department then collects letters of recommendation from other ECE professors and colleagues, as well as from former students who have since moved to graduate work or careers in industry.

Arijit Banerjee Wins the Ronald W. Pratt Teaching Award
Arijit’s response to receiving the award: “It is a great honor for me to get recognized by my students and colleagues. I am grateful to all my students, teaching assistants, and graders because learning and teaching is teamwork and everyone adds value to this process,” said Banerjee. “In particular, I am grateful to students who took or are taking ECE 464 (Power Electronics). Their motivation to enroll and show up to lectures starting at 8:30 on Monday mornings always inspires me.”