MS student Byung Hoon (BH) Min with advisor K. Haran

The Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics at the University of Illinois has been collaborating with Prof. Jian-Xin Shen of Zhejiang University (ZJU) on high-speed compressor motor research. BH Min spent one summer month at ZJU to interact with the ZJU team. During this past year, the team selected a compressor application and obtained system requirements, extended high-frequency electrical machine sizing tools, down-selected to the most attractive machine type, and developed detailed models. The UIUC and ZJU teams worked closely to identify a suitable first application. This collaboration led to industry collaboration with Johnson Controls Incorporated, focusing on an HVAC system. The team then developed windage and ac-loss models for application to the compressor motor, and with the input from the ZJU team, we plan to refine our mechanical model. The team also plans to further refine selected models for the HVAC system as well as explore thermal and rotor-dynamic aspects. Our team plans to build a prototype model for proof-of-demonstration. This research is supported by the Zhejiang University-University of Illinois Joint Engineering Institute.

BH Min frictionless compressor and flux finite element analysis model of PMSM

Figure 8. 3-D diagram of frictionless compressor [1] (left) and flux finite element analysis model of PMSM motor design done by UIUC for HVAD compressor (right)

1. Crowther, H. and Smithart, E. 2004. “Frictionless Compressor Technology,” HPAC Engineering (January).